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Manage all your RC Airplanes and Helicopters and take care of all your rechargeable  Batteries.


Main features

  • English (default) or Spanish depending on your phones language setting.
  • Flights Log. German soon.
  • Manage all of your Airplanes and Helicopters(Gas, Electric or Glow).
  • Maintenance notices for each model ("Tighten screws", "change glow plug", etc).
  • Manage your batteries (LiPo, NiCD, NiMH, LiFe,Li-Ion, NiZn, Pb, and others).
  • Manage expenses per model
  • "To do" list per model.
  • You can assign batteries to models. When a flight is logged the use of the batterie is logged too.
  • You can use one batterie for several flights.
  • You can use one batterie in Different Models.
  • You can use more than one battery in a model.
  • You can use the same battery in different models
  • You can specify to use a battery fixed to a model (Usually a NiMH bettery for the receiver).
  • Battery Log. Charges, discharges, state, status. Then you can decide which and when a battery should be used.
  • Backup your data in SD card.
  • Backup your data in Dropbox.
  • This way when you need to change your phone you won't loose your information.

Download the full user's guide in ENGLISH

Download the full user's guide in SPANISH